Inbound Users & Experts, Unfiltered- Panel Discussion

Inbound Marketing Case Study Q&A Session
jeff coon speaker
14 Jun 2017
2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Inbound Users & Experts, Unfiltered- Panel Discussion

Inbound marketing is a remarkably powerful and indisputably successful approach that’s helping industries of all types grow their businesses. But it’s also not a quick-fix, turnkey, “set it and forget it” kind of approach. It takes time and resources, not to mention discipline, open-mindedness, and, to some extent, patience.

One way to help streamline the process of learning – and of realizing long-term success – is to ask those who’ve been in the trenches. This panel of companies leveraging this approach and the agencies helping them do it is ready to share stories and provide tips and ideas to help you deftly navigate your own journey with inbound…and avoid some of the issues they had to face.

Attendee Outcomes


  • How to get farther faster when implementing a program
  • How to convince others in your company that inbound is the way to go
  • How to take on the right work…and when to hand others off to a partner

…and much more

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