5 (Very) Actionable Ways to Use Data and Analytics
to Boost Website Conversions



Bradley Friedman

Bradley joined the Lucky Orange team in 2016 to establish the company’s customer service function. He and his team help Lucky Orange customers make the most of the platform’s conversion rate optimization tools including heatmaps, live chat, session recordings, polls, form analytics and more. Between working with brands such as PacSun, American Red Cross, CollegeBoard and NorthernTool, Bradley excels at onboarding, maintaining and delighting enterprise-level clients. He thrives in helping his clients not only identify potential issues in their website configurations but also presenting them with data-backed results driven by implementing Lucky Orange on their websites. 

Prior to joining Lucky Orange, Bradley held a number of account management, marketing and sales roles for companies including The Lead Group, Adknowledge, Valero Alamo Bowl, Sporting Kansas City and Electronic Arts. 

In his spare time, Bradley enjoys catching a sports game (or two), spending time with his family and trying to earn the Southwest companion pass.


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5 (Very) Actionable Ways to Use Data and Analytics to Boost Website Conversions 

Session Description

Does your website get a lot of traffic but not a lot of conversions? You’ve invested time and money to create an awesome website. If your website isn’t helping grow your bottom line, though, it’s a just another expensive investment.

In this session, Bradley Friedman from Lucky Orange will take you through five ways that you can use data and analytics to start boosting your website conversions right now. In this session you’ll learn what data to analyze and how to use it to:

● Focus on metrics that matter the most (hint: it’s not website traffic!)

● Trim the fat out of your website to reduce visitor headaches 

● Peek behind the curtain and get a look at what your customers are really experiencing on your website 

● Engage your website visitors before they disappear 

● Make the most out of your raving fans