Link-Building Isn’t Dead Yet: The Most Important SEO Strategy in 2020 that We Can’t Ignore



Dale Bertrand

Dale Bertrand has been an SEO consultant to Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed startups around the world for two decades. His clients include global brands such as Citizen Watch, Makerbot, Raymond Weil, Ministry of Supply and Bulova. He applies his graduate school work in artificial intelligence to search engine marketing. Dale started his career building high-performance computing systems for the National Security Agency. Now, Dale is a specialist in search engine marketing, content marketing and web analytics, and runs the marketing agency Fire&Spark. Dale speaks at industry conferences and leads corporate training events. He has trained marketing professionals from TripAdvisor, Microsoft, HubSpot, Digitas and Proctor & Gamble. Dale has BS and MS degrees in Engineering from Brown University.


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Link-Building Isn’t Dead Yet: The Most Important SEO Strategy in 2020 that We Can’t Ignore

Session Description

SEO strategists have abandoned link building as a tactic in recent years. But, the most savvy brands have sophisticated link building programs to boost their SEO. Why? Because Google’s algorithm is still heavily biased toward websites with high-quality inbound links. In this session, we will explore why link-building still works in 2020, top brands that invest heavily in linking with great success, and link building strategies that still work in 2020 and beyond. Armed with these examples, you can start a link building campaign at your organization or initiate an informed conversation on the topic with your SEO agency.

What will the takeaways be for the audience:

  • Why SEO campaigns still need link building
  • How link building, SEO content development and keyword targeting work together
  • How to start a link building campaign in 2020 to support your SEO efforts