How to Use Video to Enhance
Every Stage of the Buyer/Customer Journey



Greg Linnemanstons

Greg Linnemanstons is the president of Weidert Group, a nationally recognized inbound marketing firm and Platinum HubSpot partner. Greg is a HubSpot Partner-certified inbound marketing consultant; his experience also includes 18 years in corporate marketing and brand management for companies like HJ Heinz and Pillsbury. Greg holds a Masters of Management degree in Marketing and Finance from JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.


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How to Use Video to Enhance Every Stage of the Buyer/Customer Journey

Session Description

It’s been well-researched and documented that people today overwhelmingly prefer video content over all other media. Whether to introduce a new idea, teach about new technologies, or build relationships, video is the most effective method. In this session, Greg will share how the team at Weidert Group uses video to improve the buyer journey and experiences from the first information gathering to ongoing relationships as customers. Attend this session and learn how you can use video to:

  • Answer common questions from prospects
  • Share customer testimonials
  • Introduce your leadership and staff to prospects
  • Effectively communicate 1:1 during the sales process
  • Demonstrate product capabilities
  • Teach about new technologies or strategies
  • Communicate about important changes at your company
  • Enhance relationships with key customers

Advances in technology have put video within every organization’s grasp. Learn how easy it can be for you to put it to work for your business.