Your New Secret Sauce for Growth:
A Recipe for High-converting Landing Pages



Jennifer Pepper

Tempting as it might be to earn a PhD to officially become Dr. Pepper, these days Jennifer leads content marketing over at Unbounce. A potent mix of scrappy problem solver, content strategist, and video producer, Jen’s created dozens of campaigns for recognizable SaaS brands, and has worked on everything from onboarding, to customer research, and brand overhauls. By day Jen coaches a talented team and by night she writes sketch and standup comedy.


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Your New Secret Sauce for Growth: A Recipe for High-converting Landing Pages

Session Description

We marketers need to drive growth. More leads, more sales, higher conversion rates, unbelievable Quality Scores—oh, and we’d all like to stop sacrificing our entire budget to the paid ads gods. 

Is it really so much to ask? *throws up hands to the sky* 😉

Well, the best advertisers are getting incredible results for less (we’re talkin’ lowering cost-per-lead by up to 70%), and they’ve got a not-so-secret secret you can steal.

Working behind the scenes to create high-converting campaigns with her team at Unbounce, Jen Pepper will walk you through all the optimization details she’s picked up on the job. You’ll learn how personalization, dynamic elements, videos, and even Easter-egg surprises can prompt conversions on your landing pages. You’ll walk away inspired by real-life examples, a proven framework for persuasion, and actionable, creative tactics you can try out back at the office.