Why (& How) Topic Clusters & Pillar Pages Are Your Most Powerful SEO Tool



John-Erik Pszenny

John is a Principal Channel Consultant, consulting with HubSpot’s Gold+ Tier Agencies to help them grow & deliver client success for over 3 years. Prior to HubSpot, John had his own agency working with Small to Mid Sized Law Firms helping them build their own robust marketing and sales processes.


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Why (& How) Topic Clusters & Pillar Pages Are Your Most Powerful SEO Tool

Session Description

Ever since Google’s Hummingbird and Rank Brain search algorithm updates, SEO and the strategies we employ to bring more visibility (and the right people) to our websites have changed. Although these algorithms came out a few years ago, business owners are still struggling to employ the right SEO strategies (and metrics), which now puts more emphasis on the human and the topics your website consists of, rather than exact match keywords. Whether you’ve heard of Pillar Pages and tried implementing them without much success — or are struggling to get visibility to your website, this session will be focused on demystifying pillar pages and the topic cluster methodology to help you craft a content marketing strategy that both search engines and humans will love.

  • What is Google’s Hummingbird & Rank Brain Algorithms
  • What is the Topic Cluster Methodology & How Does it Work?
  • Pillar Pages & Best Practices for Creating Them
  • Success Stories & Examples