The Down 'n Dirty 30:
High-Impact / Low-Effort Tactics All Inbound Marketers Need To Know



Nicole Mertes

As Weidert Group’s lead salesperson and business development strategist, Nicole heads up the agency’s new business strategy and provides consulting services to clients. All client engagements begin on Nicole’s desk, where she works with Weidert Group’s Consultants to formulate the most appropriate programs, including quick wins to swiftly demonstrate inbound marketing ROI to each client’s stakeholders. 

Prior to her role at the agency, Nicole was an advertising manager at Gannett, one of the nation’s largest media companies. With 10+ years of experience in advertising sales, she understands the complex relationship between marketing and sales within organizations. 


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The Down ‘n Dirty 30: High-Impact / Low-Effort Tactics All Inbound Marketers Need To Know

Session Description

For today’s inbound marketers, the pressure is on. Leads are demanded — and customers expected — because of your inbound efforts. 

Sure, those who really know inbound understand it takes persistence and patience. Yet, you’re likely under the gun from day one to deliver something that gets leadership talking. And nothing speaks louder than results.

This presentation features 30 “quick wins” — those tactics that result in sizable impact with little effort. These simple tips are designed to boost results for both new programs and those experiencing a plateau.

Because Weidert Group has launched dozens of inbound programs, we’ve probably seen a company in a situation similar to yours. So, you’ll hear plenty of examples and will leave with 30 ideas that you can put to use immediately to ignite your inbound marketing efforts! Quick wins for your company, added appreciation for you!