Agile Marketing Tools & Processes to Improve Marketing Speed & Effectiveness

Breakout Room

In February 2001, a group of software developers spent 2 days imagining a different approach to traditional documentation-driven development processes, and produced an industry-shaking declaration they called “Manifesto for Agile Software Development.” The approach, focused on collaborative, self-managed teams guided by swift and regular customer feedback, has changed the way software development is done. Now, the Agile methodology has been embraced by leading marketing organizations to improve the speed, quality, and relevance of their work.

Weidert Group became an Agile Marketing environment in 2017, and in this session Greg and Frank are ready to share some important early takeaways about how Agile benefits their team and clients, as well as share some simple Agile tips and practices that could be applied by anyone interested in improving the speed and effectiveness of your marketing efforts and resources.

Subjects covered will include:

  • The rhythm of the sprint
  • Daily standup
  • Minimum deliverable product
  • The definition of done
  • Collaborative technology tips

Attendees should walk away with the insights and confidence to begin applying some of the best of Agile marketing practices to their businesses, helping to drive their marketing impact to new heights.

Agile Leadership Strategy