KEYNOTE: Break the Wheel: Why Best Practices, Conventional Wisdom, and Trendy Tactics Hold Us Back From Doing Our Best Work

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Over and over again, we follow the best practices, we obey the smartest gurus, and we jump on the latest trends. And really, in part, that’s what got us to our leadership roles today. But the more we cling to a convention as we grow, the more our results end up … just fine.

What the heck is next? More tips-and-tricks? We’re working WAY too hard to see average results.

As leaders and practitioners, in our journey to be great, we face the Information Age’s dark side: Advice Overload. Every person with Wi-Fi claims to be the expert. Every shift in the industry causes us to react, instead of respond. And every time we feel we finally know the answer … we don’t.

We need to get out of this endless cycle. We need to break the wheel.

In this fast-paced, inspiring talk, keynote speaker and “Unthinkable” podcast host Jay Acunzo will hand you a sledgehammer. We’ll hear stories of those who questioned the best practice to get better results. We’ll learn how to make the unconventional path seem like the smarter one — to our superiors and our teams alike. And we’ll see the frameworks innovative individuals used to be better than the average noise in their niche.

You won’t leave this talk knowing THE answer. Instead, you’ll know something far more powerful in your work: how to find your own.

Are you ready to break the wheel?

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