Growth-Driven Website Design: How to Leverage Your Website Through Continuous Improvement

Breakout Room

Until very recently, companies thought of their websites as expensive “set it-and-forget it” projects: big-budget investments that sat for sometimes years before any meaningful changes were made to it. In the meantime, its effectiveness waned. Today, though, the best-in-class organizations are seeing websites for what they really are: constantly evolving – constantly improving – assets that should be regularly updated, modified and improved. And here’s the key: they should be updated, modified and improved based on data that shows how visitors are (and aren’t) using the site!

It’s time to shift your company’s mindset about what your website is and can be. Growth-Driven Design is another name for “continuous improvement,” and we’re going to teach you how it works. GDD is a process by which a website is adjusted to meet the needs of visitors (and the goals of your company); it involves evaluating data and adjusting the site to improve navigation, click-thrus, conversions, time on page, number of pages viewed…and a host of other metrics.

  • In this session Justin and Jessica will cover:
  • The process of Growth-Driven Design and how it gets you closer to your sales and marketing goals
  • How to implement GDD on your own website, even if you’ve recently redesigned it
  • What we’ve learned about the GDD process – the best ways to identify, schedule and execute the right modifications
  • Where we’ve seen the biggest improvements on our site, based on metrics

Justin and Jessica will be sharing interesting data and provide actionable takeaways you can use to make your website work harder to attract visitors and turn them into leads and customers. They’ll also share valuable content you can download after the presentation to help you implement GDD.

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