Irresistible Ideas: How to Build the Secret Weapon of Master Marketers



Tamsen Webster

As a professional “Idea Whisperer,” Tamsen helps people find, build, and tell the stories of their ideas. She combined 20 years in brand and message strategy with four years as a TEDx Executive Producer to create The Red Thread™, a simple way to change how people see…and what they do as a result. (Though as she’ll tell you, everything she knows about people, speaking, and change, she learned at Weight Watchers.) Today, Tamsen is a globe-hopping keynote speaker who consults with enterprise companies like Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and State Street Bank on how to get their big ideas to have the impact they deserve.


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Irresistible Ideas: How to Build the Secret Weapon of Master Marketers

Session Description

At the heart of marketing lies one seemingly elusive goal: how can we actually get people to love our stuff as much as we do? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly simple answer, and it lies in how we come up with our products and services in the first place.

During this highly interactive keynote you will learn:

  • The three most common mistakes we make when communicating our ideas and what to do instead
  • The fastest way to overcome people’s natural resistance to change and how to use it in any format
  • The simple formula for making ideas irresistible