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Tim Washer

Tim Washer spent 20 years at IBM, Cisco and Accenture while moonlighting as a comedy writer/actor on SNL, Conan and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He uses laughter to help corporations capture attention, show empathy and build loyalty with customers.


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Follow the Fear:  Creating Genius Marketing Content

Session Description

Fear is the #1 killer of creativity in workplaces across North America.  While we often start out with a bold idea for a marketing concept, worry about being fired for being different and self-doubt of not being good enough locks us into the mediocrity of handshake stock images.  TV comedy writers and improvisers understand how to silence the inner critic and move forward fearlessly to create something beautiful that creates a meaningful connection with our audience. In this session, you will learn how to:

1) Reframe “mistakes” to see them as a necessary step in the creative process

2) Build an encouraging environment that fosters risk-taking

3) Brainstorm approaches to transform yourself into an idea factory